Continued operations to meet
the demand for our medical services

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SYNLAB leading Sars-Cov-2 testing
in Europe


We are Europe’s largest
laboratory service provider

SYNLAB Group is the market leader in medical laboratory services in Europe. With its Europe-wide network and extensive range of diagnostic tests SYNLAB offers reliable local laboratory services in more than 40 countries.

Until his retirement in 2018 Dr Bartl Wimmer, one of the founders of SYNLAB, led and continuously developed the international laboratory organisation including regional basic laboratories, centres of excellence in specialist diagnostics as well as hospital laboratories.

How can top-class diagnostic laboratory resources be organised most effectively to provide fast, reliable and high-quality services to our customers? As the largest European laboratory service provider, SYNLAB gives the answer to this question on a daily basis.

We ensure safe diagnoses and effective therapies

SYNLAB offers a full range of medical laboratory services for clinical practice and the entire healthcare sector. Every day more than one million test results from SYNLAB laboratories provide a basis for precise diagnoses and treatment decisions. In an international network of experts, diagnostic findings are always prepared in line with the state of the art of medical science, without any compromise on quality or service. In certain countries, SYNLAB also maintains laboratories for veterinary medicine and environmental analysis.

SYNLAB is the network for medical progress

Laboratory medicine plays a key role in diagnostics and the validation of treatments, as well as on the path to personalised medicine. In the future, the role of laboratory medicine will become even more important. SYNLAB attaches great importance to the advancement of medical diagnostics and is a driving force of medical progress. As a highly efficient international organisation, SYNLAB can utilise all resources and provide the expertise of highly specialised laboratory medicine at the highest quality level while continuing to pursue growth and innovation.

SYNLAB does not simply react. SYNLAB sets the Benchmark.