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SYNLAB at a glance

  • European #1 in clinical laboratory services
  • Present in more than 40 countries, on 4 continents
  • More than 20.000 employees
  • Approx. 500 million test results per annum
  • Sales revenues of approx. EUR 1.9 billion

SYNLAB offers a full range of medical laboratory services for practising doctors, clinics and the pharmaceutical industry. The SYNLAB Group is the uncontested leader on the European market for human medicine laboratory services.

SYNLAB particularly focuses on the implementation of innovative laboratory medicine methods and on networking specialist diagnostic competences (SYNLAB Centres of Excellence). SYNLAB maintains additional laboratories (strategic business units) in individual countries for veterinary medicine and environmental analysis. This services portfolio is rounded off by expert medical imaging centres in certain countries. 

The group works closely with research institutions and universities and also maintains an educational institution of its own, the SYNLAB Academy.

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Lead the provision of quality and innovative medical diagnostics to patients around the world


Become the leading medical diagnostics services provider for patients, physicians and other healthcare providers, offering the complete range of clinical diagnostic services delivered with the highest quality and reliability


Care | Quality | Reliability | Medical innovation | Scientific advancement | Trust | Integrity | Efficiency | Affordability | Customer centricity

Code of Conduct

Reliability and integrity have become key concepts in modern corporate governance. This is because sustained business growth is only possible when a firm is able to trust in the reliability of its shareholders, customers, suppliers and staff – locally and globally. Gaining such confidence can only be achieved by consistently upholding high standards of social and ethical conduct. This Code of Conduct adopted by Synlab Limited
(the "Code of Conduct") is intended to establish clear standards for all Synlab Members.

Effective implementation of the Code of Conduct is a top priority for Synlab management, the Synlab Board of Directors and Synlab shareholders. This Code of Conduct is binding, with no exceptions. All Synlab Members are responsible for adhering to the Code of Conduct's provisions.

The Code of Conduct reflects our beliefs and values. It is an expression of our common understanding of integrity in our everyday course of business. The Code of Conduct outlines how these principles are implemented and applied in situations occurring in the daily course of business.

Every Synlab Member can contact his or her supervising manager, the responsible Regional Compliance Officer or a member of the Compliance Committee with questions concerning this Code of Conduct. The Board of Directors appoints the Chief Compliance Officer and the other members of the Compliance Committee. Potential violations either of laws, this Code of Conduct or any guidelines or procedures related to this Code of Conduct must be reported to the responsible Regional Compliance Officer, the Legal Compliance Officer or the Chief Compliance Officer. Reports may also be made to an independent Ombudsman in circumstances where one has been appointed. There will be no sanctions or reprisals as a result of reporting a breach or potential breach of this Code in good faith and in accordance with this Code of Conduct. 

It is the personal responsibility of each and every one of us to strive to ensure that the Synlab Group will at all times retain its good reputation around the world, being seen as a business partner with ethics and integrity.

Download: Code of Conduct

SYNLAB - Overcoming fragmentation and uniting competences

2015 – The combination of Labco and synlab creates the SYNLAB Group as a leader in the European laboratory market.

May 2015 Acquisition by Cinven - The European financial investor Cinven takes on the role of key investor for Labco.

2014 Significant growth - Labco strengthens its international footprint with iPP in the UK, SDN in Italy and Labco Noûs, its worldwide promoted specialist diagnostics offer. Sales revenues reach € 650 million.

2007 Important acquisitions – Labco significantly expands abroad by taking over the company General Lab in Spain and Portugal. Sales revenues reach € 212 million.

2004 Foundation of Labco SA – A group of French biologists establish Labco SA with 9 groups of laboratories in France generating sales revenues of € 62 million. The project had been launched in 2001.

October 2015 Acquisition by Cinven – the European financial investor Cinven takes on the role of key investor for synlab.

2014 Significant growth – following annual growth of 8.7 % since 2012, revenues reach € 756 million.

2010 Important acquisitions – synlab takes over the companies Futurelab and Fleming Labs. Sales revenues reach € 427 million.

1998 Foundation of Synlab GmbH – Together with a number of partners, Dr. Bartl Wimmer establishes synlab GmbH as an “association of freelance laboratory physicians” in Augsburg. It generates sales revenues of € 30 million.

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