What we offer

SYNLAB provides a multidisciplinary approach for fast, high-quality, efficient and accurate diagnostics:

Human medicine*

We provide complete clinical laboratory services (CLS) to laboratories, practitioners, hospitals and patients covering all fields of medical diagnostics. We attach great importance to the advancement of medical diagnostic and are a driving force of medical progress by pursuing growth and innovation.

Veterinary medicine*

We offer comprehensive diagnostics services to veterinaries: domestic animals, livestock health, farm and exotic animals and laboratory rodents. Services to universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical and food industry as well as stud farms and animal breeders.

Environmental analysis*

We provide comprehensive diagnostics services in the areas environmental safety and food safety. Our offering includes ground, air and water analysis, industrial analysis, ecotoxicology, compositional food analysis, food hygiene and labelling checks.


In our network of European medical experts we have excellent relationships to industry and leading universities. We offer a dedicated expert testing service for the whole lifecycle from drug development through clinical trials to drug safety and response.

* availability of services may vary across countries.