What we offer

SYNLAB provides a multidisciplinary approach for fast, high-quality, efficient and accurate diagnostics:

Human medicine*

We provide complete medical diagnostic services to laboratories, healthcare professionals hospitals and patients. We attach great importance to the advancement of medical diagnostics and are a driving force of medical progress by pursuing growth and innovation.

Veterinary medicine*

We offer a comprehensive range of tests as well as diagnostic advice for companion animals, horses, reptiles, birds, as well as farm animals and exotic species. Our clients are mainly veterinarians, though we also offer services to other animal health professionals, universities, zoos, pharmaceutical laboratories and the food industry.

Environmental analysis*

We support the environmental consulting, compliance and assurance community by providing a wide range of reliable testing using our accredited inhouse and standard compliant methods to support your analysis needs in a broad range of matrices. Our service includes logistical and integrated IT (online ordering and data management) solutions, compliance tools and sophisticated tech support.


We offer a broad range of laboratory services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as to manufacturers of medical devices, novel foods and crop protecting agents. Our services support the whole lifecycle from drug development through clinical trials to drug safety and response.


We are your partner in all food & feed matters. With our strong laboratory network, we are able to support you on a regional and international level. State-of-the-art technology allows us to provide a wide range of analytical methods for a broad range of products.


We are a full-service provider for hygiene diagnosis: sampling, analysis, validation, monitoring and counselling. We perform all kinds of microbiological, physical and chemical tests according to European standards and ensure fast, punctual and reliable service.


We carry out Oil Condition Monitoring on samples from clients around the world reporting in more than 20 languages. We analyse engine oils, fuels, coolants and transformer oils. We are experts in liquid, solid and secondary fuels analysis and monitoring combustion processes. Through our accredited training centre we also provide approved qualifications to our customers.


* availability of services may vary across countries.